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[Eng Sub] KAT-TUN 2008-05-02 Don't U Ever Stop - Music Station


Raw Provider: mixmin199
Translator/Timer: malystrynx
Typesetter: malystrynx
Encoder/Uploader: ghirlie

1. Do not upload onto streaming sites such as Youtube, etc.
2. You are allowed to repost our vids in your blog/website without permission, but we do ask that you credit and/or link us so that people know where to go for the rest of our subbed performances.
3. Absolutely no hotlinking our files. Either upload to your own server or link directly back to our post.
4. For more detailed rules, please visit our profile.

Artist: KAT-TUN
Song: Don't U Ever Stop
File Size: 162mb
Resolution: 1024x576

The files are split. Use HJSplit to put the parts together. Also, the split files are the same for all three download sites so you can mix and match your downloading.

001 (100mb)
MU | SS | MF | SA

002 (62mb)
MU | SS | MF | SA

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Tags: music station, performance
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sugoi!:) thank you for this!:D
will be downloading now:)
Thanks a lot for this^^
Thank you! Subbing have been quick lately. Thank for working so quick.
is here!! Thank you again, so so much for your hardwork =)
<3. jennii
Thanks so much for your hardwork♥
i've just watched this vid and im so so amazed with the typesetting! amazing!! :D keep it up!:) and thank you so much!!:)
Thank you so much for subbing this!! xD
thank-you again xD
thank you thank you
Thank you!
Thank you!
this is really fresh performance from kattun. i'm gonna take this for sure. thanks a lot for subbing and sharing it with everyone. kattun's lovers will love this so much (including me of course....). arigatou....
thanks a lot for this^^
can't miss this one for sure. downloading it right now.
thanks a lot for your hardwork!! ^^
taking this...tq..
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